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Or Patreanu real estate : The project that stands out as the neighborhood’s luxury complex is Hod Hasharon DREAMS by Shikun and Binui Real Estate: an intimate boutique project of 5 buildings that will include only 85 apartments – unusual in the west of the city
The fact that Hod Hasharon is a real estate hit has long been no secret. What was until about 25 years ago a rather sleepy local council, which was known mainly for the fields and orchards that surround it and for its agricultural nature, has become a huge attraction for young families, who flocked to the new high-rise neighborhoods built in the east the city to enjoy a quality of life at affordable prices. The convenient access to almost everywhere, by train or car, the hundreds and thousands of young families who together created a cohesive community, and the multitude of Tel Aviv cafes, restaurants, and businesses that rushed to open branches in the city – all of these have turned the entire Hod Hasharon into a young city and lively, with high demand for real estate.

Or Patreanu real estate

Traditionally, the west of Hod Hasharon is more sought after and prestigious than the east. There, among pastoral neighborhoods, the vast majority of which are detached, is also the Four Seasons Park, which was and remains a landmark and a central attraction in the city. At almost any time of the day, you can find children and families playing and exercising in the various facilities, riding bicycles in the shade of the many trees, or skating on the wide lawn in the south of the park, a gentle slope that has become a particularly popular place for surfing and rolling. Until 2018, when the ecological park was opened (which will grow and connect with paths to Yarkon Park), the Four Seasons Park was the largest in the area, and even today the neighborhoods adjacent to it are the most expensive and prestigious in the city.

Visualization of the Hod Hasharon DREAMS project (for illustration purposes only, courtesy of Shikun and Binoy Real Estate)
On the eastern side of the park, on sought-after land that many have been waiting for years to transform from agricultural to residential, a new neighborhood has recently been built. The Education Axis neighborhood as the locals call it, or the new Greenpark by its official name, attracts not only a strong population from outside the city, but also quite a few residents from Hod Hasharon itself, who know how to appreciate the prestigious location and the convenient access to almost anywhere in the city by walking or a short drive – Starting with the park of course, go to the Azrieli Mall (which the locals still call the Margalit Mall), the skate park and the Sportsman and end up with cafes, various restaurants and even bars.

Hod Hasharon DREAMS: new boutique buildings in a winning location
The Education Axis neighborhood is different from its surroundings not only because it is new, but also because, unlike its surrounding neighborhoods, most of which are detached, the construction in it is saturated (that is, high-rise construction) – which guarantees its residents an open view. The neighborhood will eventually include about 1,300 apartments, most of them (about 1,000) in 20-25-story towers in the east (out of 11 planned towers, 6 have already been occupied). In the western part, closer to the park, lower buildings, 5-9 stories high, will be built.

Or Patreanu real estate The most prominent project in this part, and the one that stands out as the luxury complex of the neighborhood, is Hod Hasharon DREAMS by Shikun and Binui Real Estate – an intimate boutique project of 5 buildings (one of 9 floors, three of 6 floors, and one of 5 floors) that will include only 85 apartments This is the continuation project of the Hod Hasharon Dream Tower, which built housing and real estate construction in the eastern part of the neighborhood and is already occupied. The tower was a huge success, but living in the tower is not an experience for everyone. A demand arose for another project, which would benefit from the great location and the new infrastructure of the education axis, but would be more intimate. This is how Hod Hasharon DREAMS came into the world, offering the best of all worlds: a new neighborhood, an excellent location – and fewer neighbors.

Hod Hasharon DREAMS is unusual in the urban landscape with many towers: new construction of boutique buildings with the high standard of housing and real estate construction, which is part of the oldest and largest infrastructure and real estate group in Israel. The project complex was superbly designed by the architect Gal Marom: the white facades of the buildings stand at interesting angles to each other, and the result is an elegant and unique appearance, quiet but designed, which stands out very much in the surroundings. In the intimate project, emphasis was placed on particularly large and spacious apartments – only 5, 5.5 and 6 rooms, with balconies of 17 to 21 square meters per apartment, underfloor heating in the bathrooms and other interesting upgrades. The special apartments in the project also offer exceptional conditions: The penthouses have private swimming pools, while the garden apartments have huge yards, ranging from 150 to 200 square meters per yard. The price, by the way, is not high relative to the value: starting from NIS 4.16 million for a 5-room apartment.

Or Patreanu real estate The Education Axis neighborhood: everything is inside – or within walking distance
The Education Axis neighborhood was designed so that it includes everything you need right in it, or within a short walking distance from it. North of Hod Hasharon DREAMS, directly opposite, some of the most important focal points in the neighborhood are currently being built – or will be built soon: the local commercial center, which will combine community services alongside 2 commercial floors and an office and clinic floor; A cluster of kindergartens next to an elementary school that is expected to start operating already in the next school year (2024); elementary school for special education; and one of two green gardens designed within the neighborhood itself. Green spaces are planned to remain around the buildings of the neighborhood, while south of Hod Hasharon DREAMS a fitness complex and two amusement parks will also be developed.

More mature students who live in the neighborhood will find an answer at the “Hashahar” middle school, which is a short walk north of the neighborhood (and received a score of 92 out of 100 in the Madeleine education index), and then at “Hadarim” high school, which is a short walk south of it (and received a score of 96 out of 100 in the Madeleine Education Index) – both are among the best in the city.

Or Patreanu real estate The simulation of Hod Hasharon DREAMS (for illustration purposes only, courtesy of Shikun and Binoy Real Estate)
Near Hadrim High School there are quite a few similar urban centers of interest – the urban country club (Sporten) with a pool and tennis and basketball courts, the urban Sportek with soccer fields and a skate park, a nest of the scout tribe (“Volcano”), the “Pink House” youth club and even a popular Italian restaurant .

Or Patreanu rent

Or Patreanu real estate And if all this isn’t enough, additional shopping and entertainment places (and even bars!) are located along Ramataim Road and Havanim Street, about a 20-minute walk or 5-minute drive north of the neighborhood. Sharonim Mall is also south of the neighborhood, a short drive away. God

The neighborhood itself is connected to the main Ramataim road, as well as Pardes Street in the north and Jabotinsky Street in the south, and from the Ramataim road you can reach intercity highway 531, highway 4, highway 5 and highway 40, and several Israel Railway stations. Recently, public transportation routes were paved along the Ramatim axis, which improve the speed and reliability of the buses that travel along it to a variety of destinations, as well as a bicycle path, which allows a comfortable and safe ride to the urban employment area (Neve Na’am).

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