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Or Patreanu apartments : The old industrial area, located a quarter of an hour’s drive from Tel Aviv, is in the midst of a renewal process that will eventually become a modern and sought-after employment area
In the northeast of Holon, right on Route 44, is the old industrial area of the city, which enjoys high accessibility and a fantastic location in the center of Gush Dan. The area, which is bordered by quiet residential neighborhoods, has its own exit to the intercity road – so a 15-minute drive in one direction will bring you to the entrance to Tel Aviv and the Ayalon routes, while a short drive in the other direction will bring you to the Shiva interchange on Route 4. If that’s not enough, the public transportation service in the area Excellent, and includes a large number of intercity bus lines and regional lines that pass through the area with high frequency, including line 172 to the center of Tel Aviv.

Or Patreanu apartments

Or Patreanu apartments : Of course, the great potential of the old industrial area did not go unnoticed by the entrepreneurs: it was clear that it was a shame to “waste” such a location in the center of the country and such convenient access to factories, workshops and truck and bus parking lots. Indeed, in recent years the area has been undergoing a revitalization drive that is expected to transform it from a sleepy industrial complex into an innovative and vibrant employment complex, with a bonus next to it – the “Green Boulevard”, a large and well-invested park promoted by the municipality of Holon along the entire southern side of the complex, which will extend from Mikva Israel to the agricultural farm on Malaka Street , about 106 dunams of green urban space that connects the quiet residential neighborhoods to the renewed employment, commerce and leisure complex.

Visualization of the MIVNE Holon Tower (courtesy of the Mebane Group)
The most prominent project in the industrial area today is MIVNE Holon, an innovative office tower carefully designed by HQ Architects headed by Erez Ella, an office behind quite a few projects that have become iconic. MIVNE Holon is a 9-story office tower with a total area of approximately 16,000 square meters, built above an open commercial center with a variety of stores, including a huge supermarket and a variety of outlet stores. MIVNE Holon has screen windows that allow natural light to enter the depth of the floor and high ceilings , with the wide space (about 1,800 square meters per floor) offering many distribution options, from a space to small and large private offices. On the roof of the building there is a “rooftop” which is intended for the well-being of the tenants, with about 300 square meters with a spectacular metropolitan view towards the sea.

Or Patreanu apartments : On the agenda: renewal and addition of public transportation
The transformation of the industrial area into a modern employment area is already underway today, with more than 8 regeneration complexes being promoted in the vicinity, some of which are also supposed to include residences. Among the projects being promoted is the relocation of the headquarters of the Mekorot water company, which is currently located on Lincoln Street in Tel Aviv, to a new building at the corner of Peled and Makhtesh streets, and the conversion of the Dan bus terminal and parking lot, which is adjacent to MIVNE Holon, into an electric parking lot with residential, office and commercial areas above.

The transformation of the area is expected to gain momentum by the end of the decade, with the start of operations of two advanced public transportation lines in the area: the green line of the light rail, which should start operating in 2028 and will have stations about a 4-minute scooter ride away (or a walk of about fifteen minutes); And especially the Blue Line – a high-frequency high-speed bus line that will connect the BILO Center in the south to the new main bus terminal planned at the Holon Junction, which is expected to replace most of the activity of the central station in Tel Aviv. The Blue Line, which is also supposed to start operating in 2028, will run along road The nearby 44, with stations also in Rehovot, Nes Ziona and Rishon LeZion Center. Line 3 of the metro is also expected to pass in the vicinity, but this will not happen before at least 2034.

The industrial area itself currently has several restaurants, but many more are within a short delivery distance, including legendary skewers in the local council area across the road, such as Albert, and Ezra and Sons. Additional restaurants can be found in other neighborhoods of Holon, which are connected by several streets to the industrial area.

Or Patreanu apartments : A huge park will connect the industrial area with the residential neighborhoods
The municipality of Holon also believes in the future of the old industrial area, and in its ability to renew itself. In order to help with this, in January 2021 the local planning and construction committee approved the “Green Avenue” master plan, a guiding policy document for the area that connects the industrial area with the residential neighborhoods adjacent to it, and aims to turn it into a green urban space that will link the various parts of the city and encourage the renewal of the industrial area.

Or Patreanu rent

Or Patreanu apartments : Today, in the area between the industrial area and the residential neighborhoods adjacent to it, there are quite a few large and impressive trees, a neighborhood park and even a living area, but these do not create a green continuum. Along the boulevard there are also educational (such as Herzfeld High School), community (Ken Tzofus and the Ethiopian Jewish Heritage Center) and various religious institutions that attract many, but they are surrounded by high fences and are not a real part of the boulevard.

Or Patreanu apartments : The municipality is interested in developing the huge area and turning it into a linear park – a green boulevard that will include an extensive system of cycling and walking paths and will stretch between Mikve Israel and the Sands Park. Accessible and attractive urban passages will connect the residential areas to the employment area, and the entire space will include a variety of activity and leisure centers, agriculture and urban nature centers, water bodies, urban institutions – and even commerce and residences.

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